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We source our products from the leading brands and suppliers in Australia.
By being an independent store, our choice is wide and varied.

Our luggage is stocked from American Tourister, Australian Luggage Company. Ricardo, Tosca, IT Luggage and many more.

The travel accessories are from respected names like Korjo and Go.
These products range from adapters, locks, first aid kits, tags, travel alarm clocks and a huge variety of other travelling accessories.

We carry a selection of RFID security wallets, and bags.
It is recommended that travellers keep there documents, credit cards and other ID in an RFID bag or wallet to avoid scanning of the valuables by other persons.
Radio frequency ID stops the scanning of valuables, which with a scanner can occur from up to 2 metres away.

For the business traveller we also stock a range of business bags and satchels.

Luggage Plus is the one stop shop for the traveller.

We carry a huge range of luggage to choose from:
  • Carry on bags and cases
  • Medium size cases
  • Large size cases
  • RFID backpacks
  • RFID wallets
  • RFID travel wallets
  • RFID carry bags
  • Business cases and satchels
  • Garment carriers
  • Travel accessories
  • Souls thongs
  • Wheelie backpacks
  • Tote bags
  • Rolling duffle bags
  • Leather handbags
  • Ladies fashion handbags

Customer satisfaction is our goal.
We are adding to the list constantly, and always seeking the latest in travel goods to satisfy our customers needs.